Egypt exhumes 100 coffins found after 2,500 years

Egypt exhumes 100 coffins found after 2,500 years

Egypt has unearthed scores of coffins at a major necropolis near Cairo, the capital.

Tourism and Antiquities Minister, Khaled al-Anani confirmed that archaeologists found more than 100 human coffins and 40 funerary masks.

Also found in Saqqara, close to the pyramid of King Djoser, were statues in three shafts

The government said coffins have been closed for more than 2,500 years.

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Egypt discovered 59 colorfully decorated ancient coffins in the same area in October.

“Saqqara has shown only one percent of what it has.

If we continue our excavations, various human and animal tombs expected to be found in it.

It’s a very rich area,” al-Anani told the media.

The minister said the artifacts date back to Ancient Egypt’s Late Period and the Ptolemaic era.

He disclosed that the collection will be put on a show at the country’s main art galleries,

including the Grand Egyptian Museum being built next to the Giza pyramids.

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