Edo close down orphanage where a child was sold for N1.7m

Edo close down orphanage where a child was sold for N1.7m

Edo State Commissioner for Social Development and Gender Issues, Mrs. Maria Edeko announced the closure of a popular orphanage in the state.

The orphanage allegedly sold one of its baby girl of the sun of N1.7M

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Furthermore, she added the orphanage operating license withdrawn also.

In her statement:

“Famous Faithland Home has been implicated in alleged sales of children. Since the report came,

we started investigating the matter and today (Friday), Edo State Government has withdrawn the temporary licence granted to the orphanage.

The orphanage has not operated within the confines of the law. The 17 children in the home relocated to a safe place.

“The governor is passionate about vulnerable persons especially children.

The state government is also working within the mandate and vision of the governor to train managers of orphanage homes in the state in how to operate the centres.

“No child under the watch of Governor Godwin Obaseki will trafficked, abused or sold.

Anyone that wants to do otherwise should be ready to face the law. Orphanages should not be seen as a place to make money,” she said.

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