DSS: We won’t release Sowore to a mob… what if he is knocked down by a car?

The Department of State Security, DSS, has stated that it would not release Omoyele Sowore to a mob.

This was disclosed in Abuja on Tuesday by DSS spokesperson, Peter Afunnaya.

“Sowore was granted bail and we say that he is in our custody. Do we bring Sowore out to the gate and ask him to go?’ What if Sowore was going on the road and he was knocked down by a car?

“People who should take Sowore and do proper documentation have not come up until now. Protesters and some people who were not parties, unqualified to stand and document properly and take responsibility that Sowore has been released to them, came.

“Is it the right thing for us to have released Sowore to a mob? People who came and acted unruly, fighting and forcing themselves into the facility.”

Afunanya also denied the allegations that shots were fired at protesters who gathered at the secret police’ headquarters to demand the release of Sowore.

“No guns were used on any person. The DSS is a very peaceful organisation and discharges its duty with utmost responsibility and accountability,” he said.

“We have standard operating procedures on the use of arms. So, our staff couldn’t have used guns on any person. Things were exaggerated and people were passing their opinions to put the service on a part of hate.”

The DSS spokesman also alleged that Sowore’s supporters have been issuing death threats at them.

“We have continued to receive various threats on our personnel. Threats about how they will be mobbed on the streets, how they will be physically attacked, killed and given treatment they would live to regret,” he said.

”Documentation is imperative in the discharge of security duties, and that those who stood as sureties for Sowore in court, should come forward and do proper documentation with the service so that he (Sowore) can be released to them.”

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