Discover these simple steps to start fish farming in Nigeria

Discover these simple steps to start fish farming in Nigeria

How to start fish farming can be compare to building process, starting from the foundation to the top. Just relax your mind, the process of starting a fish farming is very simple once you’re able to follow the steps involved.

First and foremost, what is fish farming?

Fish farming also regarded as pisciculture the process of raising organisms that live in water commercially either in a secluded or semi-controlled area so as to facilitate and increase productivity.

How to start fish farming step by step

Fish farming is require some steps. As reveal earlier, we will assist you from  the stage of selecting the area where you want to put the fish until the last marketing stage.

This step by step analysis will actually assist you in determining the suitable species you can nurture and it will also help you on series of feeds to make your fish grow.

The steps involve in starting a fish farm is the same for both small and large scale. As regards small scale farming, the fingerlings and a pond is what you need.

But in the case of large scale farming you need items like;


Pumps are generally used to pump water in or outside the fish pond. This pumps are well constructed in a way that there will be no shortage of water.

Water testing equipment

Water testing equipment are used to test the waters. Water testing equipment will allow you to understand if the water is good or bad, so that it won’t affect your fish.


For harvesting purpose, you use the net to assemble or gather all the fish species. You make of the net to capture fish in larger quantity.

Fish tanks-ponds

To hold large water,  you need a fish tanks/pond. They are carefully built to allow the fish play as they like.

Step 1: Choose a good land area

The first step to talk about, is the ability to choose a good land area, ranging from size, soil quality, and how to get water. To acquire this land, you can purchase it or rent it.

Step 2: Pond Design and Construction

We cannot overlook the importance of pond design and construction. The pod design is extremely essential.  The design is base on the kind of species that you want to raise.

Step 3: Selecting the Fish Species

This is the most difficult part for most of the people who want to embark on fish farming. The reason is that there are series of species and you need to be very careful in order to choose the right one.

Therefore before deciding on the fish farming type to start, it is important that you have all the facts about it to enable you to choose wisely. You should not make a mistake while choosing because your money is at stake.

Step 4:Feeding the Fish

Now that you have choosing the species you want and keep them in good pond. It is important to examine how you do their feeding.

The truth is that fish need to feed your fish very well, in order to ensure rapid growth. Thare are supplements are good for productivity. You need to research on those supplements. The

Step5: Fish Harvesting

You can make use of net or drain away all the water for harvesting purpose. It is good to have adequate knowledge of different stages of harvesting your fish. You may not necessarily harvest the fish at the same time.

In order to get good and suitable food and to sell quality fish to your buyers, you should try to do the right thing at the right time. That is why you need to understand the process of harvesting.

Step6: Marketing the Fish

The last stage of starting a fish farming is fish marketing. You have harvested your fish,  the next step is create a good marketing plan that will facilitate the quick and urgent selling of your fish. I know many people want to make profit on their fish business in little or no time.

Indeed, the world is becoming aware of the huge profit surrounding fish farming. You can start yours today and enjoy all the benefits involved.

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