Days After Releasing Single, Cynthia Morgan Calls Out Jude Over Unpaid Debt (Video)

Days After Releasing Single, Cynthia Morgan Calls Out Jude Over Unpaid Debt (Video)

Barely a week after Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan, released her single titled ‘Hustle’, the Warri born singer has taken to her social media space to call out former management and record label owner, Jude Okoye over alleged unpaid debt.

Cynthia Morgan now Madrina, earlier today took to her official Instagram page and went live on the platform where she ranted about her former manager, Jude Okoye.

In the video, Morgan seems pissed over the fact that her former

record label executive stated that she owes him money, whereas she doesn’t.

As heard, Cynthia says

“Jude came online to tell everyone that she owes him money and she doesn’t”.

Without showing her face, she utters aggressively as she says that the Northside Music executive should pay her her money…

She says she’s suffering and Jude owed her money and should pay his due.

Watch the video below,

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Famous for her unique brand of dancehall and rap music genre, Morgan was
off the music scene for several years before recently releasing a single on August 21.

Meanwhile, Morgan in an Instagram live video, had revealed why her music career hit the rocks.

The 29-year-old called queen of reggae dancehall music, narrated how she fell ill and had to leave Lagos to Benin, her hometown.

After getting better, she couldn’t return to Lagos, because she was broke.

She revealed that her career ordeal was largely because of certain clauses in the contract

she signed with her record label North Side Music Ltd where Jude Okoye was the music producer.

In the video which went viral, Cynthia said that she didn’t read the contract terms well enough,

making her lose her stage name, Instagram account, royalty and VEVO account.

Although she made attempts afterwards to get back into the studio, it wasn’t easy for her after the twist in her career.

Cynthia’s story in the live video stirred many controversies.

Other musical acts whose careers also went downhill over issues with music producer

Jude Okoye and other managers came out to share their own stories.

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