Davido Reveals Real Reason He Left Social Media For 3 Months

Davido Reveals Real Reason He Left Social Media For 3 Months

Davido has revealed why he took so much time away from the music scene and social media.

On Wednesday, June 3, Davido posted on his Instagram page that if people can’t reach him, he would get in touch with them.

He said he needed to live his life and take care of himself.

He also said that he needed to do some cleansing and has changed his phone number.

The music star went away since then only for him to return on Thursday, September 10 to release his new song ‘FEM’.

On Tuesday, in a radio interview, Davido explained why he took so much time

off saying that the many activities they involved him in had taken a toll on him.

So, he decided to concentrate on himself.

In his interview, he revealed he never knew he was going to stay away from social media for so long as well.

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He explained he took that decision because there was a lot going on with him.

He said he was on the road for nine years doing music, tours, and much more which affected him.

Davido said he also thought he was going to be off for a week, but afterward he realized if he did not slow, he might break down.

He said if he breaks down, members of his team are going to

be affected hence, he left and regroup.

He said the decision helped as he is thrilled now.

Davido, whose full name is David Adeleke, also revealed that his schedule before

he went incommunicado was always very difficult as sometimes he had to record all night.

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