‘Chioma is exceptional for Davido’ Fans react after Davido snubbed his baby mama Sophia Momodu on her birthday

‘Chioma is exceptional for Davido’ Fans react after Davido snubbed his baby mama Sophia Momodu on her birthday

Nigerian sensational singer Davido Adeleke popularly called Davido has stirred reactions on social media over his failure to acknowledge his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu, on her birthday.

Be nice to those you don’t need favours from – Davido’s baby mama Chioma advises

Sophia Momodu had celebrated her birthday on 9th June. In her birthday post, she revealed strengthening her relationship with God, and her daughter has been her top priority over the past years.

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However, social media user observed that Davido completely ignored Sophia Momodu, unlike how he celebrated Chioma on her birthday.

In contrast, many believe that Davido celebrated Chioma because they compelled him after Chioma made a trend on Twitter.

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An Instagram user identified as kamdjio_mira claimed that every member of Davido’s family celebrated Chioma on his birthday.

However, only Sharon, a sister to Davido, was the only one who celebrated Sophia on her birthday, a clear picture that Davido’s family loves and respect Chioma more than others even if her relationship with David didn’t work out.

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kamdjio_mira wrote: I don’t think so. The whole Davido family celebrated chioma on her birthday. Please tell beside Sharon Davido sister who else wished Sophia happy birthday in Davido family ??? It is very obvious that they have a lot of respect for chioma even if the relationship doesn’t work. Davido made a mistake like any other man but it is up to chef chi to forgive or not. Davido is not only man that cheats. I know it is not right but people act like it is something they never see or hear. Chioma is exceptional for Davido.

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Another Instagram user, queenethralum said among all of Davido’s baby mama, Chioma is the only person he’s following on Instagram, which speaks volumes about their relationship.

queenethralum wrote: He is following Chioma but not following Sophia that says alot

samanthasmith8968 wrote: they know David prefer chioma to Sophia but don’t want to admit the truth.

mene_omimi, an Instagram user, averred that Chioma is Davido’s favourite among his baby mamas irrespective of some of the public stunts pulled by Sophia Momodu to get the attention of Davido.

mene_omimi wrote: Is it surprising? You think Sophia is more important than Chioma? Chioma is OBO’s number 1. Forget the rest shalaye Sophia is doing on IG, David doesn’t give a fuck about her like that. Homeboy only relates with her for the sake of their child

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