Caucasian woman married to Nigerian man reveals how he fought for her and won her heart

A Caucasian woman known as Nwanyi Ocha on Twitter has revealed how she met her Nigerian husband and how he worked hard to woo her.

She shared a picture showing their wedding rings and wrote:

“You asked me for my number, the day that we first met, If God wants we will meet again, was my reply I can’t forget. Because the second time we met again was only two days later, Coincidentally at Bahnhof Oerlikon was that an indicator?”

She added: “You brought me home and asked me for my number yet once more, But if God wants we will meet again of that I was quite sure. So I replied like I replied before and left it in God’s hands, For us to see again by destiny without making any plans.

“One week passed without seeing or hearing from you whatsoever, Was it the right decision to keep my number from you altogether? My faith in God was troubled, what a sin, So the next time we meet two weeks later I finally gave in.

“I took your number and starring from thereof, Our lives were joined together and acquaintance turned to love. You introduced me to your daughter and brought me to your house, Were you already planning for me to be your spouse?”

She concluded: “You fought for me and stuck to me like paper sticks to glue, And looking back I must admit it was the best thing you could do. Because since that time I am enjoying in every possible way, To be and share my love with you EVERY SINGLE DAY.”

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