Crystal Palace goalkeeper, Jack Butland tests positive for coronavirus

Crystal Palace goalkeeper, Jack Butland tests positive for coronavirus

Crystal Palace goalkeeper, Jack Butland has tested positive for coronavirus. The England international, 27, who joined Palace from Stoke last week on a three-year contract returned a positive Covid-19 test and is now self-isolating in a London hotel. Read Also: FFK slams President Buhari over speech on #EndSARS protest Crystal Palace boss, Roy Hodgson who … Read more

#EndSars: Hillary Clinton express sadness as Army kills young protesters

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, former US senator and public speaker has expressed how sad she is to the turn of events happening in Nigeria. The End Sars movement took a dramatic turn as violence takes over the peaceful and non-provocative protest from Nigeria youths. Read Also: CAN counsels Buhari on how to handle EndSars protesters … Read more

Things that upset Nigerians

There are things Nigerians do not like which make them upset generally. These things are quite common and Nigerians do not find these things funny. Things that upset Nigerians are really are probably endless but these are just a few of them. When a foreigner insults a Nigerian Nigerians are the only ones allowed to … Read more

Self-Driving Cars: A Reality in 10 or 100 Years

Until the 2000s, self-driving cars merely belonged to novels, movies and tales. Various sci-fic writers – like Isaac Asimov – held reader’s attention with breath-taking elements such as autonomous cars that communicated, fought and showed their feelings. They have been doing so since the 1930s. However, these dreams and products of imagination are fast becoming … Read more

The ultimate hack out of Lagos traffic congestion

Lagos traffic is one of the most dreaded traffic congestion in Nigeria and as well in Africa. One could spend an entire day in Lagos traffic if they are not lucky. You have to know when to come out and to leave for home if you want to enjoy Lagos. According to Numbeo, Lagos ranks … Read more

Apparently only the rich can make inter-state travels in Nigeria

Inter- state travels in Nigeria was banned by President Muhammadu Buhari since the Pandemic broke out. Since the COVID-19 disease started spreading around the country, to not worsen the increase in the number of cases, the ban was inevitable. Only essential workers on duty are allowed to move during this ban. See Alos: Monica Dogban-Mensem … Read more

Facts you did not know about fart and what it says about your health

Usually, when you hear the word ‘FART’ you instantly become irritated and disgusted by the word or act. Often, people, mistaken fart has a sign that your stomach is packed with abnormal substances but this piece will show you something quite opposite. No one ever thinks about the scientific side of farts or even the … Read more

Access Banks closes 75% of it’s branches

Since the news broke out that Access Bank who donated ₦1 Billion to the federal government has also decided to let some workers go and also cut salaries of some workers. It has been hell on Access Bank managemnt as well as Herbert Wigwe the bank’s Managing director/CEO Access Bank who recently acquired Diamond Bank … Read more

Who is the most famous person you have seen while sitting in an economy class of an airplane

Most of you might know of Davido, if you do you will also know he is one of biggest rich kids in Africa and as well a major Afrobeats music artiste. You will also know that he’d be one of the last persons to ever use economy class of an airplane. He has also boast … Read more