Candace Owens says White supremacy is not what’s hurting Black community

Candace Owens says White supremacy is not what’s hurting Black community

Conservative political analyst, Candace Owens has stated that White Supremacy isn’t a problem in Black community.

She made this known when she honored an invitation from the Republican party to speak at a hearing on White Supremacy at the House of Representatives on Friday (Sept. 20).

“We are assuming the biggest victims of [white supremacy] would be minority Americans. And presumably, this hearing would be to stop that and make sure that we can preserve the lives of minority Americans. Which, based on the hierarchy of what’s impacting minority America, if I had to make a list of 100 things, White nationalism would not make the list. We don’t see hearings on those bigger issues.”

According to Candace Owens, inner-city communities, Black-on-Black crime are the bigger issues.

“The breakdown of family is the number one contributor to that.We don’t hear anybody talking about what happens when you remove a father from a home. I would argue that right now we have a social environment that is hostile towards men and does not inspire masculinity, or being a man, and what it means to be a father figure in a household. And Black-on-Black crime is a huge issue in America right now but people don’t like to talk about that. It seems as if ‘Let’s talk about the smaller issues and not the bigger issues that are facing Black America.”

She added that this was also the issue when the nation in 2016 had police brutality at the forefront of discussion.

“If you were paying attention to politcians you would have thought that if you were a Black American you couldn’t walk outside without being shot by a police officer. When in fact, you had a higher chance of being struck by lightning as a Black American in 2016 than being shot unarmed by a police officer.”

In addition to the problems, Candace Owens listed abortion and illegal immigration which she says hurts the Black community more.

“We are the ones that are meant to compete with illegals. They are flooding our communities with crime and violence. Black American men between the ages of 18and 22 are harmed by illegal immigration. But just saying that perspective is considered racist, and it’s not.”

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