British Airways Pilots strike enters the second day

British Airways Pilots strike enters the second day

Yesterday when the news broke out that British Airways pilots have grounded 98% of their flights.

I specifically told my friends that in no time, the issue will be resolved amicably. I literally sounded like a British Airways PR.

Surprisingly the strike is still ongoing and no sign of bringing it to an end.

The London carrier has frustrated about 100,000 travellers who are among their 850 daily flights to different locations.

The pilots came out to make a stand that they deserve a better salary and benefits because the company is growing. This strike is the first in British Airways 100 years history.

The trade union argues that pilots need a better percentage of the company’s profits.

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Still, due to the ongoing strike by the Pilots, British Airways is bound to have lost about £80 million.

The Airline carrier has offered to increase the salary of just 11.5 per cent over three years. This will probably increase some captains annual pay to £200,000.

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