Biodun Fatoyinbo summoned to appear in court before 14 days

A Federal High Court in Abuja has summoned Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA, to appear before it in 14 days over a rape allegation against him by Busola Dakola.

Also to appear before the court is Busola Dakolo who accused Fatoyinbo of raping her when she was 17.

In a suit filed by lawyer Pelumi Olajengbesi and Co of Law corridor, Busola Dakolo demands an apology from Biodun Fatoyinbo.

According Busola, Fatoyinbo’s denial of the incident has affected her marital sex life and has also left her in continuous emotional and psychological distress.

Olajengbesi said, “The claimant avers that she was immediately terrified and in shock while the defendant pinned her down on the couch following which he caressed her body, fondled her breasts, pulled her pant, quickly half-pulled his trousers and ordered her to allow him have his way with her.

“The claimant avers that the defendant in the process used his hand to cover her mouth, thereby muffling her screams. The claimant avers that the defendant made efforts to penetrate her vagina, whilst she struggled to fight him off; however, the defendant overpowered her and penetrated her vagina and had sexual intercourse with her.

“The claimant avers that while she was in shock of the incident which had rendered her befuddled and mortified, the defendant rushed out of the living room area of her family home and briefly returned with a bottle of soda (Krest) which he forced down her throat thereby making her breathing difficult.”

He added, “The defendant further proceeded to threaten the claimant’s life by telling her he would greatly harm her if she ever revealed the incident to anyone. The claimant avers that following her second ordeal with the defendant, she became dejected, kept to herself and hated herself, developed utter loathing for everything around her and withdrew to herself and away from all spiritual activities of the church.

“The claimant avers that despite getting married, she continues to live in constant fear, suffers several series of mood swings, emotional and psychological distress, and also worries about her safety. The claimant avers that her marital sex life has been affected negatively as a result of her terrible experience with the defendant, thereby resulting in her continuous emotional and psychological distress, which has not ceased.”

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Biodun Fatoyinbo summoned to appear in court before 14 days
Biodun Fatoyinbo summoned to appear in court before 14 days

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