#BBNaija2020: Trikytee is the King of the Seventh Arena Games

#BBNaija2020: Trikytee is the King of the Seventh Arena Games

The remaining housemates in the Big Brother Naija season 5 “Lockdown” had their 7th Friday night Betway Arena games.

The game today is all about Air and Balloons and how housemates can use both judiciously.

Yesterday’s game was in this form.

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Housemates are to blow air into a balloon and then use the air in the balloon to move 4 cups from point A to point B and making sure it doesn’t fall else they put the cup back to the starting point and start over.

Throw a dart at a set of balloons and ensuring one of the balloons burst.

Use a balloon to move 2 cups from a set of cups to another set, the housemates are to blow the balloon then use it to move the cup without it falling

Crawl under a long arch while holding a balloon, the balloon mustn’t fall.

This is the final lap of the challenges, housemates are to place balloons under each of their armpits and one between their legs then move from point A to point B without touching any of the balloons and none of it must fall down.

The housemates were called one after the other to participate in the challenge and this is their scorecard:

Neo = 1:55

Triky Tee = 1:45

Lucy = Time Out (TO)

Kidd Waya = 2:05

Dorathy = TO

Nengi = 2:21

Erica = TO

Prince = 1:49

Laycon = 2:41

Ozo = 2:22

Neo = 1:55

Vee = Couldn’t participate because of her health condition.

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