Alternative Styles to the Peplum

Peplum also known as an over skirt is a short section of fabric attached to the waistline of a dress, jacket, jumpsuit or top. These tops can be worn over jeans, pencil skirts, trousers and leggings. They work well with all body types and is a great choice for individuals that want to hide their midriff. This fashion trend can easily be seen on many asoebi styles, corporate wear, casual wear and even of the sleeves of tops and dresses. While these may be a top trend, there are other alternatives to choose from for a stylish look, here are a few.


If you are a lover of salsa and latin dances like myself, you’ll love a fringe dress. They are perfect on a casual or party outfit. It is a top choice for designers when embellishing dresses and tops. The use of fringe on a fabric creates that extra easy-breezy, playful feel. They are very easy to pull off and perfect for the girly girl. Adding fringe on your Ankara or asoebi style, gives you that extra chic sophistication that makes you stand out.


Ruffles are designer add-ons that turns any dress or top from a plain simple one to a stylish one. They are long pieces of fabric made into shorter ones to create fullness in the area which it is attached to. When it is styled right, it inspires an attitude that gives you that youthful and free spirited look. They add some fun and trendy layers to your outfit.


They are edgy, easy to wear and require minimal styling. The easiest way to identify an asymmetrical dress is by its slanted hemline or neckline. Its most common design feature is a one shouldered bodice. If you want to make an asymmetrical dress out of a fabric, you can decide its slant direction, ranging from a subtle slant in one direction to two slants going both ways. This dress style is for the edgy fashionistas.


This is a very girly style that was brought back from the 70’s and 80’s. This Victorian style trend is a great alternative to the peplum, what’s even better is that you can have both a balloon sleeve and a peplum design on one top or dress; it all depends on proportions. Balloon sleeves come in many shapes and sizes; they can be short, long, puffy or extra puffy and can also be made on dresses, tops and jumpsuits.


Off shoulders are simple yet effortlessly stylish. They are very versatile, hence its multiple styling options. It can be worn as a casual outfit, an elegant dinner dress, a cocktail or party dress or a simple casual outfit. However you choose to rock the double layered off shouldered style, ensure it’s the right size and type for your body and you have the perfect under garment to give you maximum comfort.

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