A lady prefers going to jail than suffering Twitter backlash over rape allegations

One of those issues that always pop up from Twitter, this one has got something to do with a rape.

Cynthia with her handle @cynneer got into Twitter to narrate how her friend Anita @_Eggovin got raped by @ynotes_.

Apparently the situation got intense as everyone went to @ynotes_ TL to insult him and call him a rapist.

Ynotes is claiming he never raped her but they both just had consensual intercourse. According to Ynotes in a bid to clear his name, he decided to take this ladies to court but Tega who is also a friend of Anita decided that they should this issue out of court.

Ynotes allegedly records his conversation with these ladies and there is a claim now that he truly did not rape Anita. He says he will only drop the case if they apologize to him publicly. Cynthia refuses as she says the backlash from Twitter is greater and not a good one.

In-other-words, they would prefer going to jail than apologizing on Twitter, which is faster and kills everything.

Meanwhile, Anita is saying indeed she was raped by Ynotes and Ynotes’ recordings were edited. He edited vital parts out says @_Eggovin. Her reaction to this was calm as she did not want her name out there but due to the fact that rape has got this stigma that goes with it when you come out.

She reiterates that she was raped and would love to go to court, her friend Cynthia won’t also lie.

The Twitter thread below for @Ynotes_;


Below is that of @_Eggovin;


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