50 Cent supports Kim Kardashian on Kanye outburst

50 Cent supports Kim Kardashian on Kanye outburst

Rapper 50 Cent has publicly supported Kim Kardashian who has been a vocal detractor of Kanye West in the past.

50 Cent praised the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star for her “understanding” during what she has described as a bipolar episode that her husband is going through.

The rival rapper mocked Kanye during his campaign rally at South Carolina,

which was followed by Twitter outbursts as Kanye hit out at Kim and her mum Kris Jenner with several personal allegations.

It may have come as a surprise to Kim to find that 50 Cent was supportive of her,

but he couldn’t help having a vicious swipe at Kanye for what he has been doing.

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The ‘In Da Club’ rapper reposted Kim’s lengthy Instagram explanation of Kanye’s behavior

and how they have been living privately with his bipolar disorder.

Kim Kardashian supported by 50 Cent on Kanye attitude

Fifty added to the post:

“This was cool she’s being very understanding because ya man is bugged out.”

With many concerned about Kanye’s mental health, it will not be seen kindly

that 50 Cent would use such words to describe his current status.

Kim, 39, finally broke her silence on Kanye’s outpourings on Wednesday, in which she urged for “compassion” towards Kanye and addressed his bipolar diagnosis.

In a lengthy statement on Instagram, she wrote: “As many of you know, Kanye has bi-polar disorder.

Kanye is currently living on his ranch in Cody, Wyoming, where he has been joined

by close friends and advisors, who have been urging him to seek medical attention. Read More

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