2face and Blackface settle legal battle out of court

2face and Blackface settle legal battle out of court

Former band members of the defunct Plantashun Boiz, 2face and Blackface, have decided to settle their case out of court.

Report says 2face has dropped the N50million defamation suit against Blackface with an undisclosed settlement signed at an Ikeja High Court.

After the adjournment of the case, Mani Enajeroh gave the below statement.

”The Copyright system in Nigeria will eventually kill every iota of creativity in Nigerian music, unless someone takes up this issue of royalties.

Even though we don’t have functioning collective societies that doesn’t mean we can’t be fair to one another. Because of speaking out about this Blackface was sued for N50m.

That’s why it’s important that this case must be struck out. The case is a threat to freedom of expression, and intellectual property in general. We are confident that the Court will strike out the case.

This is a copyright issue, no matter how you look at it and it ought to be at the Federal High Court. Look at their court documents, they did not admit anywhere that Blackface wrote “Let somebody love you”. The stories are never consistent.”

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