182 Nigerians sing the National Anthem at the Airport

182 Nigerians sing the National Anthem at the Airport

It is not everyday you get to see Nigerians get to sing the national anthem without a formal event taking place.

Air Peace aircraft arrived Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg 4:00am. on Tuesday Morning to evacuate 320 Nigerians.

However, the situation got worse as South Africa immigration frustrated the efforts of those bid to travel back home. The immigration officials demanded relevant documents from some Nigerians, who had no legal travel documents.

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Futhermore, the South African Immigration officials demanded to know how they got into the country without a document.

Consequently, only 180 out of 320 bid to be travel back to Nigeria were allowed to board the aircraft back to Nigeria.

At the Tambo International Airport you will find Nigerian reciting the Nigerian National Anthem with so much passion.

Watch the video below;

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