12 Skin Exfoliators You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells to make room for new cells every month. As we grow older, our skin is unable to shed its dead skin cells thoroughly, which results in dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. Exfoliation can improve the appearance of our skin. It is essential to keeping the skin healthy, glowing and clear.  While certain chemical scrubs and masks can be great physical exfoliators, it can cause redness and skin irritation. However, homemade scrubs and masks are very effective. Apart from being less expensive, these homemade exfoliators are all natural and leave your skin looking radiant and glowing. Below are 12 skin exfoliators you can find in your kitchen.

oat flakes

OATS: Oats are very effective as a physical exfoliator and incredibly soothing to the skin. When it’s finely blended and made into a scrub, it can be used on the face and body. They are perfect all skin types but a great alternative for individuals with sensitive skin


SALT: When you desire a good overall body exfoliation, salt is your go-to ingredient. It does a better job of getting rid of the rough, dry patches of dead skin because they are generally more abrasive. It can also be used as a perfect scrub for your feet.

Brown Sugar

SUGAR: Sugar is more gentle on your skin and that makes it a better choice if you’re looking to exfoliate your face or have sensitive skin. Sugar is also great for individuals that shave and scrub their legs simultaneously, as they are gentler on the skin. Most individuals choose sugar over salt, because they are finer, less abrasive and can also be used as a lip exfoliant.

Organic Honey

HONEY: Honey is an incredible ingredient that can do wonders for your skin. Apart from being used as a gentle exfoliator, honey nourishes, hydrates and moisturises the skin. It can also be used to fight acne and pimples.


APPLES: An Apple isn’t just a healthy snack but can be used as an exfoliator also. The acid found in apples is a fantastic choice for an exfoliating mask. This mask offers vitamin C which helps brighten the skin, clear dark spots and protects the skin from damage.  

Apple Cider

APPLE CIDER VIEGAR: Apple cider vinegar is another well-known astringent for the face. It maintains the pH balance of the skin, reduces inflammation and tightens the pores. 

Black Coffee

COFFEE: This is also a favourite choice when exfoliating your body, because it possesses a number of benefits. If you are prone to break outs, the antioxidants in the coffee can help reduce inflammation and redness. Coffee as an exfoliant can get rid of cellulite. It can also be moulded into cubes as treatment for stretch marks. Your feet can also benefit from a good coffee scrub.

Fresh red tomatoes
Fresh red tomatoes

TOMATOES: Apart from being a great ingredient for a healthy diet, tomatoes can also be used on the skin. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, tomatoes helps tighten large pores, brighten the skin and protect it against free radicals that causes wrinkles and age spots

Whole Cream Milk

MILK: Milk contains lactic acid that helps in the removal of dead skin cells, while the fat moisturises the skin. With a little quantity of milk on your palm, gently massage you face for a youthful glowing skin. For full body exfoliation, add a few cups of milk to your bath; the milk will not only soften your skin but will also protect and sooth it against skin inflammation.  

Egg Whites

EGG WHITE: Eggs on your skin is as a great as it is in your body. Filled with vitamins and proteins, egg whites can be used as a facial mask to tighten open pores and absorb excess oil from the skin.

White Rice

RICE: When next you cook rice do not throw away the water. It turns out, it is one of the cheapest ways to pamper your face and body. Rice water contains vitamins and minerals that help the skin. They can be used as a face cleanser and for acne treatment. The texture of ground rice is also gentle enough to be used on the face and the body.

Lemon squeezed into a jar

CITRIUS: When life gives you lemons, exfoliate. Lemons and grapefruits are excellent natural exfoliators. Their rich vitamin c content is known to even skin tone and tighten open pores. Applying the juice as a non-scrubbing exfoliator after you cleanse removes dull and dead skin cells from the face. They are especially great for the removal of dark spots on the face and body.

No matter how you choose to exfoliate your skin, make sure it’s a part of your routine. Adding one or more of these ingredients to your routine will leave your skin looking healthier, fresher and radiant.

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